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Proasist Technical Services, Turkey’s first and only company meeting all technical services needed by your business, has entered the sector in 2010. The company provides servicing and maintenance services to the stores, restaurants, industrial facilities, shopping malls, hospitals and logistics hubs in various regions of Turkey.

Proasist continuously cooperates with the leading companies and expand its service network. The company has taken it as a principle to be at the disposable of its customers with its operational methods adding value at most optimum conditions for any kind of operation, maintenance and repair services related to the fixed asset management of the businesses. Headquartered in Istanbul, Proasist has succeeded in periodically reaching to total 1.500 service points in entire Turkey with its mobile teams located in Trakya, Bursa, Ankara and Izmir.

The company has adopted as a principle to provide reliable service to its customers through effective implementation of ISO 9001 Quality Management Standards and Occupational Safety Charter and Regulations in its entire service, production and management processes. The primary target of Proasist is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction by reducing all operational costs including energy efficiency and saving. The company carries out its operational management with state-of-the-art infrastructure, equipment and computer aided service management system.