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WHY Proasist?

Benefits Provided

The employer contacts with a single company for all of their technical needs.
The operational costs in fixed asset management processes are reduced.
It allows our customers to better focus on their actual business and to benefit more efficiently from the human resources.
Proasist performs the spare part stocking and inventory control.
Seamlessly and efficiently running devices as well as savings from electricity, water and labor are ensured as a result of preventive and predictive maintenances.
The efficiency of the devices will increase and their service life will prolong as a result of planned maintenance.
The maintenance and malfunction processes of all structures will be reported to the business and statistics will be kept, thus it will be convenient to access to any information instantly.
Technological developments will be monitored closely and it will be ensured that you will be notified about the innovations that can be applied in your facility.
The insurance premiums to be paid by the businesses having regular technical maintenance will be lower.
Business blindness will be eliminated as the control of the maintenance performed and/or malfunction corrected will be carried out both by Proasist and you.