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Day in, day out, we are there for our clients, living and facing their every task, problem, and crisis with them, providing solutions that ensure the sustainability of their companies.

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Founded in 2010, ProAsist is a one-stop TECHNICAL SERVICES COMPANY , providing maintenance, repair, assembly, and on-site operation services for retail chains, restaurants, industrial facilities, shopping centers, hospitals, logistics centers, and company buildings.

ProAsist’s heritage is rooted in its predecessors, Omega Mühendislik and Omega Pano which were founded years ago to fulfill contracts on electrical projects and to manufacture electrical panels respectively.The most important attributes that make ProAsist what it is today, the electrical engineering acumen, keen approach to generating solutions and the capability in FACILITATING THE FLOW OF LIFE are all handed down from these sister companies.

ProAsist not only solves thousands of problems for its clients at tens of thousands of locations with the most talented solution partners, experienced management and skillful staff, it also LIVES ITS CLIENTS' BUSINESS while ensuring their sustainability through lasting solutions.

The technical services sector is one where the value ascribed to services is often questioned. ProAsist's biggest goal is to transform this sector by endowing it with a sustainable reputation and ADDING VALUE TO MANUAL LABOR by looking out for the workforce that ensures seamless operation of companies.

Thanks to a CULTURE OF EMPATHY, ProAsist creates substantial and meaningful solutions to many problems, be it technical or non-technical, through its business partners, clients, manufacturers, service providers, service recipients, managers, and employees.

Through the use of ProAsist Smart Screen (PSS), a proprietary software developed in line with industry 4.0., ProAsist enables its clients to EFFECTIVELY MANAGE THEIR BUSINESS. Companies monitor their operations in real time, view their inventory, analyze the history and performance of their equipments, anticipate any system malfunctions, and manage their projects, assets, budgets, and processes via PSS.

ProAsist pioneers the way in establishing a dynamic ecosystem in order to create multilateral solutions for all its stakeholders. By bringing all clients, solution partners, manufacturers, distributors, and influencers around ProAsist Solution Platform, it creates a WIN WIN ENVIRONMENT enabling everyone to generate sustainable value together.