Powering "Living Companies" Through Empathy

Living Company

Powering "Living Companies" Through Empathy

We Live Your Business and Help Keeping It Alive

Powering "Living Companies" Through Empathy

Most Often, The Solution Is Empathy

Powering "Living Companies" Through Empathy

With ProAsist Solution Platform, It's Win Win For All Stakeholders

Stands For "Living Company"

We are no ordinary technical services company.
We set forth to solve electrical problems for our clients, and in the course of our journey, we added our mechanical competency along with our skill for empathy, becoming a source of uninterruptible power that facilitates life on a daily basis for hundreds of companies.

We, at ProAsist...
Believe that companies, like people, are 'living organisms'.
We know well that just like people, they produce and add value as they live; and when they are worn down with time, they need to have their immune system bolstered so they can live on.

"Living Company" means business, production, employment, innovation, efficiency, energy, development and dynamism.

"Living Company" means labor, earnings, a future, a developing sector, and a growing economy...

We see our job as Life Engineering

A company's technical infrastructure is like an immune system. The stronger the infrastructure, the more resilient it is in the face of difficult conditions.

If the power is cut, if the mechanical infrastructure falters, the whole system and life in the company comes to a halt. Problems that seem small may disrupt business and life, causing a negative impact on thousands of lives.

Our duty as ProAsist is to strengthen the technical infrastructure of companies on a continuous basis, making sure they continue to live without interruptions.

We are not only in the business of providing technical services, we are also in the business of Life Engineering. We do not only save the day, but also build the future by anticipating needs.

Mechanical Services

We, at ProAsist believe in the protection of the environment in which we live, the cleanliness of the air we breathe, and the safety and comfort of our workplace as our basic principles.And by carrying out maintenance and repairs of all sorts of mechanical systems from air conditioners to fire pumps, from elevators and escalators to drainage and heat pumps, we enable companies to save energy, operate efficiently, and become sustainable.

Electrical Services

Sustainability, efficiency and employee safety are our major priorities at ProAsist. And by generating solutions for all types of electricity-related requirements ranging from maintenance and repair services of medium, low voltage and weak current systems to statutory controls, from monitoring to measurement and tests of technical equipments, we enable companies to operate with out any interruptions.

Technical Operation Services

We conduct and inspect all sorts of technical work including electrical, mechanical, retrofitting, and renovation on site for high rise buildings such as schools, hospitals, and business towers. And in close cooperation with our on site technical staff, we carry out the planning, management, and coordination of 3rd party contracts, procurement of technical staff and materials, as well as inventory management, making sure that production and operations of businesses continue with no interruptions.


We, at ProAsist, carry out all building repairs and applications for companies, from insulation to painting, from repairing and replacing windows, doors, and shutters to construction of suspended ceilings, making no distinction between jobs be it small or large.

In 81 Provinces of Turkey,
We Live Your Business and Help Keep It Alive











Only those who live it, know what it takes.

Only those who live it, know what it takes to do and manage certain jobs. Just like the Technical, Operational, and Construction Directors of major companies who overcome hundreds of technical tasks a day, and thousands every year. It is no easy task to keep large companies running technically, to make sure systems and production run smoothly, and businesses flow seamlessly.

We, at ProAsist know, feel, and understand our clients' problems, their sleepless nights, and their concerns very well.. Because day in, day out, we live and face their every task, problem, and crisis, both in their offices and on site, providing solutions that ensure the sustainability of their companies.

Some of the Clients We Serve:

We believe in the value of labor, and lead the way in making sure that it is given its due

We celebrate the hands that make the flow of life possible

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