Quality is the value a company assigns to its stakeholders.

Our Integrated Management Systems Policy

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Our Integrated Management Systems Policy reflects the essence of our collaboration with all of our stakeholders, our approach to the services we provide, and the value we ascribe to them. It is essential that this management systems policy be embraced by all ProAsist employees and solution partners.

Achieving "Unconditional Customer Satisfaction" through the basis of "Focusing on the Client".

Being a company which continuously develops its products and services to fully meet clients' needs and expectations, quality standards, and statutory requirements.

Implementing the "Plan / Implement / Inspect / Take Measures" approach on all areas of service on an ongoing basis.

Keeping close tabs on technological advances within the sector and offering them to the service of all its stakeholders.

Increasing product reliability by imposing regular control and development programs on its suppliers and solution partners.

Implementing training courses on Quality, Environment, Work Health and Safety in order to raise awareness among employees and all stakeholders.

Ensuring compliance with work health and safety criterias.

Minimising risks by taking measures to prevent work accidents.

Ensuring optimum utilization and protection of natural and other resources; maintaining control on all possible waste materials, and minimising their impact on the environment.

Supplying the trained labor, know-how, infrastructure, and environment needed for operational efficiency, control, sustainability, and constant improvement of all processes.