Most Often, The Solution Is Empathy

Our Culture And Values

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We, at ProAsist... Believe there is no system that cannot be be operated; no malfunction that cannot be repaired; no door that cannot be opened; no need that cannot be met; no energy that cannot be generated; no problem that cannot be solved; and no client, business partner, or employee that cannot be satisfied through empathy.
By Your Side For Better Or Worse

Being there for our clients in their time of difficulty, supporting them, and solving their problems is our reason for being. Yet, we at ProAsist believe not only in being "foul-weather friends" for our clients, but also in being by their side in fair weather and celebrating their accomplishments, as their companies live, grow, and succeed. Just like with our clients, we believe in the merit of being there for all our solution partners, suppliers, and companies with which we collaborate with during their good and bad times.

Life Is Hidden In The Details

We, as engineers, technicians, and mechanics believe that details are one of the most critical factors of success. For we know that it is these fine details which enable life to flow perfectly. That 's why, we focus on all the details of every job, project, or joint venture on which we embark, foresee all possibilities, and create our solutions with enough attention to detail and finesse to ensure the uninterrupted flow of life.

Walking The Talk

We, at ProAsist know well how important the value of sincerity and keeping promises is, first and foremost to our clients, and to our employees, suppliers, and solution partners. That 's why we avoid making promises we will not be able to keep, and to keep those promises we make to our clients and stakeholders.


We, at ProAsist believe that open communications and sharing are the key essentials of trust, which should lie at the foundation of any partnership. In all our communications with our clients, employees, and stakeholders, honesty and transparency are our 'prerequisites'. That 's why we share all of our objectives, strategies, and actions we will take with our employees, business and solution partners with whom we share a common cause. And, through our smart software ProAsist Smart Screen, we share with our clients all the details of projects we conduct on their behalf in full transparency.

Commitment To Creating Solutions

For many years, we have been tirelessly and enthusiastically creating solutions for hundreds of clients across dozens of sectors, addressing all their electrical, mechanical, and construction related needs.In order to prevent all sorts of technical problems that cause disruption in company operations and flow, we try to create new solutions by monitoring, foreseeing, listening, and understanding new needs as they emerge. First, we apply the solutions on our own systems and processes, and subsequently on our collaborations with all of our clients and stakeholders. Our smart software and strategic solution platform are the most significant indication of our commitment to creating solutions for both our clients and all the stakeholders within our ecosystem.

Honoring Manual Labor

Thanks to the skilled hands of our employees and our solution partners, we ensure uninterrupted operation of the world's most advanced and expensive systems, contributing to the sustainability of companies, schools, hospitals, and buildings. We know the value of manual labor really well, and lead all our stakeholders in making sure that labor is given its worth.

Respecting Our Work

We, at ProAsist wholeheartedly believe in and respect any work we do, be it large or small, clean or dirty, in an attic or deep underground. For we know that if left undone, these small tasks can lead to big problems, and when solved, how important it is for our customers as well as for many people's lives. Only by respecting our own work, we can make sure that all of our stakeholders within our ecosystem can respect the work we do.

Empowering Our Business Partners And Employees

We believe that the most important element in sustaining the quality of service is encouragement. That's why, we recognize the passionate and meticulous labors of all our employees, business and solution partners, and always encourage them to do even better. For we know that as they receive recognition for their efforts, they will embrace their work with even more passion and as a result, make all our clients happy.