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"Living Company" means business, labor, production, efficiency, sustainability, partnerships, earnings, and growing together...

We ensure the efficiency and sustainability of businesses by constantly strengthening their technical infrastructure.

We, at ProAsist know well how important and valuable is a sound technical infrastructure for the sustainability and efficiency of a business.

Just like with people, companies' immune systems weaken from time to time, and they require sometimes minor, and sometimes more substantial interventions to continue their lives.

Through dozens of electrical, mechanical, and construction services we provide, we solve thousands of technical problems for our clients, bolstering their immune system and facilitating an orderly flow of business.

We enable all stakeholders to earn together by creating multilateral solutions through "ProAsist Solution Platform".

We know very well that our clients expect the fastest solutions at the most affordable conditions and with the highest quality of service during their time of need.

For many years, we, at ProAsist have not only been constantly enriching our portfolio of technical services, but we have also been developing strategic collaborations by foreseeing the various needs of our sector and all our clients.

That is exactly why we have established "ProAsist Solution Platform"; for information sharing, education, and cooperation as much as for commerce. We bring all our clients and solution partners together with manufacturers and distributors, enabling all stakeholders to win together by generating multilateral service solutions and addressing whatever needs they may have.

ProAsist Solution Platform

We help companies to effectively manage their businesses through "ProAsist Smart Screen".

Every day, thousands of technical tasks and problems coming in from all around Turkey, awaiting solutions. Electrical malfunctions, mechanical problems, new store constructions, air conditioning maintenance, products of various brands and ages, jobs that are completed, delayed, or with fresh problems, dozens of teams, millions of liras spent, legal inspections, and accounting for every penny...

We know really well that our clients want to make a significant contribution to their companies by successfully managing this complicated process that is hard to supervise and monitor.

With one of Turkey's most modern integrated management systems, ProAsist Smart Screen, we enable our clients to monitor the entire process 24/7, and to effectively manage thousands of tasks, their company assets, businesses, and budgets while empowering them to add value to their companies.

ProAsist Smart Screen

We help raise the value of labor and the quality of service by training mechanics and technicians.

We look out for mechanics, technicians, and apprentices who are essential to our sector by training them on a regular basis at ProAsist Technical Academy and helping them further their skills and proficiency.

This, not only allows us to elevate the quality of service we offer our clients, it also helps us raise the value of labor on a sector-wide basis.